The List of Best Electric Shaver to Create Stylish Hair Cut

You should choose the best electric shaver for head first before shaving your hair or starting tailor business. By using the best shaver, you can shave your hair perfectly just like what you want. Moreover, best electric shaver prevents injuries while shaving hair. The list of electric shaver below also gives you more understanding about the characteristic of the best electric shaver.

Philips Norelco QC5580 If you want to use a popular electric shaver, you may choose Philip Norelco QC5580. This product is chosen because of its unique head design. The uniqueness is because of a feature known as a rotary head so the head can rotates up to 180 degrees. This revolutionary head provides you with easy to use for DIY shaving which difficult to do in non rotary head shaver. This electric shaver is also able to trim long hair especially because you want to make your head bald. As the result, you will have a shiny and perfect bald head just like what you are expected. Say goodbye to the difficult area because this product helps to shave area around neck and sides of the head. You can also use this product to shave beard, jawline, and chin without any difficulty. You just need to do is selecting the best angle suits to you and you are ready to shave your hair. The benefit is also because of its rounded edges blades to minimize cut and smooth result. Philip Norelco QC5580 is supported by lithium ion battery which can be use well up to one hour along with cord or cordless application.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Generation There are several things which make this product classified as best electric shaver. The first is about the use of rotary blades just like Philip Norelco. Rotary blades provide you with more flexible shaving even for difficult areas. The different is on the total of blade used in which Skull Shaver Pitbull Generation is using 5 rotary blades. It is an extraordinary application because most of electric shavers only use 3 rotary blades. The best part of 5 rotary blades is that the blade is easy to follow the contour of your scalp and clean your head faster. The L shape helps you to hold and control the electric shaver easily and comfortably while shaving hair even when you are shaving the back of your hair. Furthermore, you don’t need to charge for the first time usage. You just need to open the box and ready to use the shaver. If you run out of power, you just need to plug the power and wait for about 2 hours for fully charged battery.

Panasonic Arc3

Most people love to use a multifunction product and it is what you can find from Panasonic Arc3. By using this electric shaver you are able to shave your head and face perfectly. The best part of this product is on its three blades and Micro Arc Technology. Interestingly, this shaver is also supported by a comb and you can set it for 5 different settings. So, you can cut your hair short just like what you want and comb your new hairstyle tidily. You have to use the shaver for several times on the specific areas but the result is satisfying enough. As the best electric shaver, Panasonic Arc3 is offering a great design along with powerful electric shaving. You may let the shaver stand during the charging time. This product is also a good option for travelers because you just need to clean with running water and let it dry before using it next time.

Head Blade ATX All Terrain Head Razor For those who want to bring a handy electric shaver along with unique design, Head Blade ATX is the answer. This product is designed for head only and it can be seen from the design. Just imagine that you are about to have an electric shaver which similar to a toy. You will see two wheels on the front and four blades just look like a snow plow. Thanks to the handle, so you can use your finger to hold this electric shaver comfortably while moving it on your scalp. The wheel is applied to support you with smooth, fast, and fun shaving. The uniqueness offered by Head Blade ATX All Terrain makes it included on the list of best electric shaver. Now, you have 5 different electric shavers with their strengths and benefits. Just take one of them based on your needs and its function and features. One thing for sure, your shaving activity will be more comfortably with the help of the best electric shaver above.

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