How to Pick the Best Electric Shaver

Best electric shaver is called the best with reason. And basically each individual will have different standard when it comes to the best electric razor. Since there are so many aspects you should look out, in this article we will help you to narrow down the options in the market. We will also give you interesting advice so you can consider all brands and types that come on your mind. Here is our advice to pick the best electric shaver.

Consider the Brand

When it comes to electric shaver market, there are several famous players on the list like Remington, Panasonic, Braun, and Philips. Those are just several well-known names and there will be several other names that you may hear it for the first time. If you buy the shaver to clean your face then it is highly recommended to pick one from reputable and trusted brand. In general, male fellows would love to stick with one brand for anything. And it is closely related to the personal preference. But for the basic rule, if you like a rotary shaver then you can go with Philips, since this brand is the leader in the market of rotary shaver. And if you prefer the foil shaver then you can rely on Braun.

Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver

There are two categories of electric shavers: foil shaver and rotary shaver. Foils shavers are made of thin and curvy metal foils that cover the cutting blade. When the razor moves back and forth, the foil will glide over your face contour. When the blades cut the short hair, the perforated foil will work really well. soil shaver is great for people who have thin beard and it works best for close shaved look every day. Foil shaver is also preferred by men who have sensitive and delicate skin. Razor will give burn sensation, while foil shaver will be less harsh for the skin. Other than that, sensitive skin needs certain technique and products to stay away from irritation Meanwhile, rotary shavers offer three round heads (sometimes four). They move very easily in circular motions. This is why this type of shaver suitable for men with longer face-hair who do not make every day shaving as their priority. Rotary shaver is also very effective for beard with coarser density along with tougher skin.

Wet VS Dry

How to Pick the Best Electric Shaver.jpg When it comes to best and most suitable shaver is the wet or fry shaving. Dry shaving is suitable for you who love to shave fast and clean. It is about the speed along with convenience so you will need the good dry shaver. Several types of electric shaver also offer the wet shaving method. You will need foam or gel. Wet shaving can be done in the shower even though it is not the best way to shave your hair. If you want to have a razor that offers both shaving methods, you can try Panasonic. But do not forget to read the instruction before you use the shaver.

Manual Cleaning VS Cleaning and Charging Station When it comes to electric shaver care, cleaning your shaver is important and vital. The blade needs to be cleaned after every use. If you do this task regularly then it is going to be a quick step. But since some people just do not have time and left it dirty, it could make the blades dull faster. Basically, more advanced shaver type comes with technology of built-in charging station and cleaning, which makes the shaver can clean its own. All you need to do is pop the shaver into the base unit. Besides, you need to refill the cleaning fluid from time to time. Additional cost is applied for this technology.

Budget Consideration If you look for a high-quality electric shaver then you will spend between USD 50 and USD 300. The money is worth the shaver. Besides the features, it also offers the long lasting product. And if you are not that much into the features then you can get the less expensive product. Just make sure that it is suitable for your skin and hair type. Considering the budget and the feature will allow you to have the best electric shaver.

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